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What are your hopes and dreams for your financial future? What worries you? When you team with BBVA USA Asset Management and Trust advisors, we work closely with you to develop a custom, discretionary asset management strategy. Using our industry-leading SmartPath® investment platform, we’ll work with you to assess your risk tolerance, tax concerns, existing holdings, personal preferences, and any other restrictions or conditions that could affect your holdings.

The many benefits of our investment platform include:

  • Dedicated portfolio manager: Responsible for creating, implementing, and trading a custom portfolio based on your goals, risk tolerance, personal investment preferences and social restrictions.
  • Ongoing monitoring: We’re constantly monitoring your accounts and rebalancing according to your pre-set directives when necessary to make sure you’re on track with your investment goals.
  • Disciplined approach: Through all market cycles, we select investments using a proven research and evaluation process which is based on an evaluation of a security’s intrinsic value.
  • Active tax management:  Coordinated trading to manage gains and losses to minimize taxes
  • Custom allocations: We work closely with you to match your investments to your values, as well as your unique financial situation. Partnering with leading national money managers, we optimize every portfolio’s asset allocation and have the flexibility to adjust it in response to global market conditions.
  • Security: Assets are held in the trust system which are held separately from other bank assets and accounts.  We also are held to the fiduciary duty, the highest standard of care, in dispensing investment advice.
  • Credit oversight: We have an in-house bond team dedicated to measuring issuer risk appropriately and limiting our clients’ exposure to  deteriorating credits. Our bond team provides institutional rather than retail execution and shops its extensive dealer network to obtain the best price for the client.

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About our asset management team

With decades of experience, our portfolio managers have a deep understanding of global markets and are among our finest when it comes to responsive customer service. They work strategically to protect and grow our clients’ assets, carefully considering external forces that affect the markets, as well as each portfolio’s risk-reward ratio.

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