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Dr. C. Cameron Greene

North Florida Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates, PA, was established in 1994 through the merger of several practices in the Jacksonville area. The group has more than 50 physicians and 23 offices throughout Duval, Clay, and Nassau counties. The physicians of North Florida OB/GYN have created a unique partnership that supports a shared commitment to providing superior service and state-of-the-art healthcare to the communities they serve. Dr. C. Cameron Greene is the group's current elected president. He is pictured here with the group's executive director, Sande Doolittle.

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How did your relationship with BBVA begin?

Our relationship began with Enterprise National Bank before they became Compass. After the transition, we didn't lose any of the personal attention from the people managing our accounts; we stayed with them as our organization grew. The relationship has continued to grow. We've looked at other banks in the Jacksonville area, but BBVA has gone above and beyond to meet our needs.

How have those needs evolved over time?

We began in 1994 with three divisions and twelve doctors; we now have eighteen divisions and fifty-two doctors. When you bring that many practices together and all the paperwork that comes with it, you're always looking for ways to streamline. With the help of our wealth manager and his team at BBVA we've been able to consolidate our accounts to save money and time. For example, we've gone from 15 checking accounts to just two.

Are there ways they make your job easier?

Definitely. Our wealth manager works in partnership with our executive director, Sande Doolittle, and our entire administrative staff as well as with our accountant to simplify processes wherever possible. In addition to working with us at the corporate level and taking responsibility for conveying information to each division, he also works with every doctor in our group to meet their unique needs. He'll even hand-deliver documents to each location to save us time and effort. That's a great example of the exceptional service we receive. Our CPA, our attorney, our banker — they're all on a first-name basis. They work with us and with each other to help us meet challenges and improve our business structure.

What has been the key to your continued relationship?

We've always been able to work out a solution that was mutually beneficial. They're always willing to adapt, and their adaptability has been a big part of our ongoing relationship. They don't just say, "we don't do that." Our wealth manager will suggest a service and then adapt it to make it more suited to our needs. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. They bring us ideas. He keeps us informed about the latest technology and tells us where we can save some money. For example, we had a personal guarantee established for each division that made every doctor responsible for the total portion of liability. But with their help we were able to work out a system that limited each doctor's liability to a percentage of the total. Our wealth manager is proactive in saving us money both professionally and personally, whether it's cutting the group's annual renewal fees for our credit lines or the ideas he brings to our members for their personal finances.

The BBVA Difference

Sweep Accounts

"One of the ways we save is with sweep accounts, which we use to make money to offset operating costs."

Lines of Credit

"We were able to cut the cost of renewing our credit lines. Rather than each division paying a renewal fee, we are now charged a flat rate for the group, which has been a substantial savings."

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