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Navigating today's financial challenges

Managing wealth is a multi-faceted process involving wealth planning, investment management, risk management, banking services, and tax and estate planning. Your dedicated team has the experience and commitment to work with you and your legal or tax advisors to bring these elements together to create your integrated wealth management strategy.

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Our Process

Establishing and Building Wealth

It all starts with a plan

No matter where you are in your financial life, we can help you set a goal and work toward it. Whether you’re analyzing your investments, considering your international wealth management options, or deciding what to do with an unexpected windfall, we have advisors on hand who are dedicated to your success.

How can we help you move to your next money milestone, and the ones after? Ask us about all the tools to help get you where you want to be as you build your wealth:

Protecting Your Assets, Preserving Your Wealth

Insurance and asset-protection strategies make transitions simpler

Old rules for predicting market growth are more complicated today, which can lead to investor uncertainty and confusion. Our experts combine decades of experience with modern tools to protect and grow your investments and savings.

We’ll work with you on an integrated wealth-management strategy, which can involve smart insurance options, ways to guard your reserves and assets, and trusts to better protect your legacy.

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Sharing Wealth with Others

Build a tailored estate plan

We will work with your existing legal and accounting advisors to provide a customized estate plan that considers your goals for yourself, your family, and others.

  • Estate Planning and Administration Services
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Multi-Generational Trusts
  • Lifetime Giving Programs
  • Family or Private Foundations
  • Endowments

All part of the benefits you receive as a member of the Global Wealth Client Program.


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