COVID-19 customer support

We're here for you

Should you experience unfortunate hardship as a result of COVID-19, we want to help you. Below are the assistance options that may be available to you

For Loan or Credit Card Payment Assistance:

To request a real estate loan, personal loan, auto loan, credit card or Small Business loan payment deferral or extension, please fill out a request via our secure Online Payment Assistance Portal for the fastest response.


For Consumer and Small Business Customers:

  • Waived and refunded ATM fees charged by other banks/ATM networks to use their ATMs. Available upon request.
  • Penalty-free CD withdrawals, for CDs opened prior to March 1. Available upon request.
  • Consumer and small businesses may request refunds of overdraft fees.

For Small Business Customers:

  • Temporary waiver of the Monthly Maintenance Fee for the desktop Remote Deposit Capture Service. Available upon request.
  • Temporary waiver of the deposit account monthly Service Charge. Available upon request.
  • Free Virtual Terminal for Current Clover Merchants (for new Merchants available upon request.)

If you have questions on accounts or need to speak with a banker, you can contact your closest branch here or call 1-844-BBVA-USA. For faster service, many questions can be answered through Online and Mobile Banking. You can also contact Customer Service through Mobile Banking.

Scams that could impact you

Customers should not respond to texts, emails or calls from unknown persons, and should hang up on robocalls. Fraudsters impersonate health organizations and businesses to attempt to gain personal information or your financial information.

Schemes may include:
  • The sale of fake test kits
  • Supplies such as mask or gloves
  • Vaccines or cures
  • Charities looking for donations for non-existent organizations
  • Bank/FDIC persons claiming that banks are limiting access to deposits
  • Investment scams that claim that products or services of publicly traded companies can prevent, detect, or cure COVID-19.

Stay Aware. Opening emails or text messages from an unknown sender can expose you to malware or malicious software.

Please remember that the government will NOT ask for a fee from you to receive the stimulus check or economic relief funds. Also, the government will NOT ask for your personal or account information. And BBVA will never ask you to email us personal information such as account numbers and passwords.

If you have fallen victim to a fraud scheme, please contact BBVA. You can find additional information about how to protect yourself and report fraud here.

Together, we will get through this challenge

BBVA will continue to monitor conditions and look for ways to improve our service while protecting customers and team members alike. Please stay safe. 

Please remember that BBVA will never call, email, or text you and ask for your PIN or private financial information. For security tips and helpful links, please visit our Security Center.