Types of Bank Fraud

Protect yourself by learning about each type of bank fraud


Beware of malware. Short for “malicious software”, malware includes viruses and spyware that can jeopardize your personal information. Find out how you can detect, get rid of, and limit further exposure to malware.

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Stay on the lookout for scams. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Find out how to avoid and report various types of scams - including online dating, money transfer, and debt relief scams.

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Don't fall victim to phishing. Fraudulent emails and websites can be very sophisticated and may look official at first glance. Get tips on how to quickly identify imposter communications and what to do if you suspect phishing.

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Report Fraud & Identity Theft

Be on guard against identity theft with alerts. Sign up today for account alert notifications so when we know, you know.

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