Mobile Banking Security Tips

Stolen mobile phone

To check your mobile phone’s serial number, key in *#06# on the phone. A unique 15-digit code will appear. Write this number down in a secure place. Should your phone be stolen, phone your service provider and give them the code. The provider will be able to block your handset even if the SIM card is replaced.

Password protection

While it may take a few extra minutes, making your mobile phone password protected can be important if you store sensitive or personal information on the phone.

Basic security

Modern smartphones are being used increasingly to replace PC’s and laptops. Although mobile viruses are much less prevalent than on PC’s they do still exist. Consider purchasing a security package that includes anti-virus and anti-theft protection if you store sensitive personal or financial information on your phone.


Establish a habit of backing up your smartphone on a regular basis. Doing so will protect your call logs, your contacts, and any apps that you have downloaded.


Choose an easily identifiable and personalized case to hold your phone. This will help distinguish your phone from others who own the same model.

Stay Alert

Be on guard against identity theft and fraud with alerts. Alerts are a customizable and convenient way for you to stay on top of your account activity.

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