Frequently asked questions

Closing Your Savings Account


How do I close my savings account?

This can vary by bank, but the process is fairly similar.

At BBVA, the balance in your account must be at zero before it can be closed. If you are unable to withdrawal any remaining money from your account, you can contact Customer Service and request a cashier's check for the remaining balance in your savings account. Once the balance is at zero, you can request to have your account closed by doing any of the following:

  • Contact Customer Service: Call us at 1-844-BBVA USA (1-844-228-2872)
  • Visit a branch location: Stop by a nearby BBVA branch
  • Mail: Send a signed and notarized letter requesting your savings account be closed to



    Attention: Operations Compliance Support

    701 32nd Street South

    Birmingham, AL 35233

  • Fax: Send your request letter to 205-524-9600. For verification purposes, please enclose a copy of your driver's license, your account number, your correct address, and your signature.
  • Online Banking: Send a secure message, requesting us to close your savings account, from your BBVA profile using the envelope icon in the top right-hand corner.

What if I’m closing a savings account at another bank. How do I switch to BBVA?

Here’s how to switch to a BBVA savings account:

  1. First, before you close your savings account, make sure all outstanding items have cleared.
  2. Open your BBVA savings account.
  3. Transfer any direct deposits, such as from your job or social security, to your new account. We make this easy with a Direct Deposit Form you can send to your company’s Human Resources Department or Social Security. Check with your company or other income sources to see if anything else is required.
  4. To close your old savings account, simply go to a branch location, call customer service, or send an Account Closing Request Form to your bank to let them know you want to close your account. If you have a joint account, check to see if both signatures are required to close the account.
  5. You should receive a letter confirming your account has been closed. The remaining funds in your account can be transferred to your new account or sent to you by check.

Need help with your account?

We’re here for you. Speak with a banker at a BBVA branch near you or contact one of our customer service representatives by phone.