Frequently asked questions

Withdrawing Money from a Savings Account


How do I withdraw money from my savings account?

With a BBVA Savings Account or BBVA Online Savings Account, you can withdraw funds in person at a BBVA branch or ATM with no withdrawal limits.

You may also withdraw funds (up to six per month) in the following ways:

  • ATM/debit card
  • Writing a check
  • Transferring funds via Online or Mobile Banking
  • Preauthorized electronic transfers

How many times can I withdraw funds from my savings account each month?

Federal law limits transfers to another deposit account with BBVA or to a third party to a total of six per month. Withdrawal transactions are subject to Excess Transaction Fees.

Transfers include: pre-authorized agreement, telephone request, check, check card, draft including Online Banking transfers, and sweep transfers. Inter-Account Transfers are considered withdrawal transactions.

There is no withdrawal limit from this account when made in person at a BBVA branch or ATM.

How many times can I transfer funds into my savings account each month?

There are no limits on the number of deposits you can make to your savings account each month.


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