Suppliers & Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management team's mission is to deliver and sustain value across the organization by building and managing an external supplier network that meets the operational needs of the organization at minimal cost.

This is achieved by adopting enhanced procurement best practices – establishing partnerships across the bank to expand category coverage. BBVA's procurement model closely follows the structure developed by the BBVA Group, as well as industry best practices.

Suppliers interested in conducting business with BBVA are encouraged to use the Prospective Supplier Registration system to share the types of goods or services they can offer BBVA. If you are a prospective supplier, you can tell us about your products and/or services through our Prospective Supplier Registration site. The information you provide will be available for review by BBVA's Supply Chain Management group.

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A complete profile gives BBVA initial visibility of the goods/services you provide. Once registered, your company will be added to our prospective supplier database for review. You must update your profile annually for it to remain active. Profiles that are not updated annually will be deleted.

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Supplier Diversity

The bank's supplier diversity program encourages the use of diverse owned businesses in order to build our organization's reputation while helping community members build wealth and stability.

We are a company based on people, and we take pride in the integrity of our actions. At BBVA we promote and support diversity in our team members and supplier relationships. This commitment to diversity is also demonstrated through the broadening base of companies which the organization and its suppliers use. We will utilize innovative approaches to promote business development among diverse suppliers as a core competency that will position BBVA as a leading-edge company in key markets.

BBVA supports and encourages the growth and development of minority- and women-owned businesses (MWBE). Therefore, BBVA requests your assistance in its efforts to increase the participation of MWBEs in supplying products and services within our supply chain.

For more information on our supplier diversity program, please send an email to: