Kevin McMahon

Head of Engineering

Kevin McMahon

Professional Experience and Responsibilities

Kevin McMahon was named Head of Engineering for BBVA USA in May 2019, reporting to BBVA USA President and CEO Javier Rodríguez Soler. In his role, McMahon will be responsible for the company’s overall information technology strategy. He directly oversees application systems, telecommunications and systems operations, and manages bank operations, including central operations, loan operations, item processing and trust operations, as well as corporate security and transformation coordination.

McMahon was previously the Head of Business Software Engineering, where he led the bank’s core banking, channel development activities and supported the bank transformation initiatives. He was also the Manager of Channel Application, with responsibilities that included project management of capital projects and software development of Online Banking, Mobile, ATMs, Contact Center systems, CRM, Online Account Origination, Teller and various other channel specific applications. 

McMahon joined Compass Bank in 2006, shortly before the acquisition by BBVA, and has held several positions with the bank, including Director of Enterprise Architecture and Design and Development Manager for multiple applications. He was part of the leadership team that implemented the industry-leading core platform conversion in 2013. 

Before joining BBVA Group, McMahon worked for Frost Bank a regional Texas bank and was an officer in the US Air Force. McMahon has worked in Information Technology functions for a total of 25 years.


He earned a bachelor’s of science in Management Science from Virginia Tech in 1990 and an MBA from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1997.