Kevin McMahon

Chief Information Officer

Kevin McMahon

Professional Experience and Responsibilities

Kevin McMahon was appointed in September 2017 to lead the newly created Business Software Engineering team, reporting to former Chief Information Officer Jorge Ortiz. In this role, he will continue to lead BBVA USA’s channels activity and will assume leadership for core banking. He will continue to support bank transformation initiatives and maintain dual reporting to Head of Business Development Pepe Olalla for channel development.

In March 2014 McMahon was named manager of the bank’s channel application. Responsibilities include the software development of Online Banking, Mobile, Wallet, ATMs, Contact Center systems, CRM, Online Account Origination, Teller and various other channel specific applications. In addition, he is responsible for the project management of capital projects for those channels. The project management role includes budget management, executive reporting and strategic planning. McMahon’s area also provides support to the bank’s sales staff for the use of CRM systems. As part of these functions, he is responsible for providing operational support for all the channels applications.

McMahon joined the bank in 2006, shortly before the acquisition by BBVA, and has held several positions with BBVA USA to include Director of Enterprise Architecture and Design and Development Manager for multiple applications. He was part of the leadership team that implemented Alnova. Before joining BBVA, he worked for Frost Bank a regional Texas bank and was an officer in the US Air Force. He has been working in IT functions for 25 years performing roles such as UNIX system administration, network engineering, system architecture, IT support management and project management.

McMahon earned a Bachelor of Science in Management Science from Virginia Tech in 1990. He earned an MBA from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1997.