Friday, 30 June 2017

By Joseba Barandiaran, Yalina Crispin, Enestor Dos Santos, Fabián Mauricio García, Seda Guler, Betty Huang, Nathaniel Karp, Jorge Alberto Lamela, María Fernanda Medina, Marcial Nava, Gizem Onen, Waldo Riveras, Arnulfo Rodríguez

The use of fossil fuels in electricity production is being eroded by the rapid expansion of clean energy. 

Our analysis of the 11 countries in which BBVA has a significant presence, plus China and Brazil, points to a promising future for wind power. Although the wind energy industry still accounts for a small fraction of global electricity generation (4 percent.) Improving turbine efficiency could take this share up to 20 percent by 2040.

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