Employee Involvement Program

Supporting our communities through volunteerism

Giving employees the opportunity to give back

Our vibrant employee involvement program not only supports our communities but provides a valuable opportunity for employees to express their passion for people by helping those around them in practical and meaningful ways.

We encourage our employees to think of themselves as volunteer ambassadors – whether they are involved in a bank-sponsored activity or volunteering on their own. Employee involvement at BBVA takes two forms – volunteerism and charitable giving:

  • BBVA Volunteers is the name of our footprint-wide employee volunteer program.
  • BBVA Charity allows employees to make charitable contributions via payroll deductions. Soon, this program will be managed using an online platform where employees can designate which charity or charities they would like to contribute to. 
  • This program uses an online platform where employees can select which charity or charities will receive their donations.

Our volunteer focus areas

Volunteer activity and employee charitable giving aligns with the BBVA Foundation's six focus areas:

Community Development (including Financial Literacy)

  • Create and sustain affordable housing
  • Delivery of alternative financial services and products to low-to-moderate-income (LMI) communities through Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs)
  • Revitalize LMI neighborhoods and facilitate job creation
  • Delivery of financial education and financial literacy to children, adolescents and adults – especially in LMI communities
  • Support entrepreneurship and provide economic development for minority and underserved groups and/or LMI areas


  • Address pressing needs in Pre-K – 12 education through public school-sponsored or facilitated curriculum-based programs
  • Advance pre-K – 12 student performance through the professional development, support and retention of teachers
  • Facilitate merit-based access to higher education for underrepresented groups
  • Support research and special programs at higher education institutions

Health and Human Services

  • Enable and sustain independence for individuals and families
  • Ensure access to health education programs
  • Ensure access to quality healthcare

Arts and Culture

  • Facilitate access to and participation in cultural experiences for persons with low-to-moderate income
  • Ensure the availability of a broad array of artistic opportunities/venues that reflect the diversity of the community

Environment and Natural Resources

  • Enable/sustain access to green technology and sustainable sources of energy to LMI communities
  • Provide support for projects with significant impact on the protection of the environment and sustainable practices
  • Promote public education about the environment and sustainability

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Provide capacity building to organizations serving minority segments, especially targeted at low-income populations
  • Provide for leadership development of underrepresented groups through organizations serving minority segments, especially targeted at low-income populations
  • Promote tolerance and understanding among mainstream and minority populations