Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

CRA Program Evolution and Direction

Creating opportunities in our communities

Corporate Responsibility and Reputation leads BBVA’s strategy and delivery system for the CRA program. Because it is housed in the Office of the CEO, CRR’s oversight of the CRA program elevates it to the highest level in the institution. BBVA engages all levels of bank leadership, in its CRA strategy creating a culture of ownership of CRA performance through highly informed and engaged employees.

In 2014 BBVA launched a new strategy to ensure it meets the needs of low-to-moderate income (LMI) communities across our market. That strategy includes:

  • Creating a culture of ownership among employees to monitor and improve our practices.
  • Initiating a recurring survey of community stakeholders to identify and assess needs of individuals and families in the markets it serves. The survey findings help pinpoint focus areas for community-development activities, including lending and investing, grant making, and volunteerism.
  • Expanding our products and services for LMI communities through an $11 billion investment from 2015-2020. To execute this commitment, teams across the Bank were added to address mortgage lending, small business lending, community-development lending, community-development investing contributions, retail services, volunteerism, and governance.

The Bank’s team of eleven Community Relations Executives and Officers are responsible for CRA within the regions they are assigned. Their responsibilities include deepening of existing relationships and the development of new relationships with nonprofit organizations, community-development financial institutions, and community groups that have insight into the needs of LMI individuals and neighborhoods.  Being responsive to communities’ and markets’ needs is of high importance.

BBVA’s nine member CRA team administers the Bank’s CRA program. These professionals are in place to provide guidance and reporting to bank management and lines of business to ensure that the bank’s CRA strategy is executed with activities and performance that is CRA-progress focused.