A commitment to our environment

Putting sustainability into practice

Representing the material aspect of environmental responsibility, BBVA continues to make progress in support of BBVA Group’s Global Eco-Efficiency Plan.

The BBVA Group prioritizes sustainable development. We carefully measure and monitor our environmental footprint and make strategic decisions to minimize our impacts.

As a financial institution, the activities we conduct have a significant impact on the environment: be it through its consumption of natural resources, management of our properties, use of paper, travel, etc. (direct impacts), or through the consequences for the environment of the products and services we provide, particularly those related to financing, asset management, and management of its chain of suppliers (indirect impacts).

BBVA initiatives that support the Eco-Efficiency Plan include:

  • Separation and recycling of solid urban waste and hazardous waste
  • Separation and recycling of computer waste
  • Reduction of electricity consumption per employee
  • Reduction of paper consumption per employee
  • Establishing sustainability criteria for purchasing
  • Increase the number of ISO 14001 certifications
  • Use of videoconferences to reduce the number of business trips
  • Offsetting CO2 emissions and reforestation
  • Training, dissemination, and education programs