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Three ways we can simplify insurance for you

Personal insurance solutions

We can help you assess your coverage and evaluate protection products for:

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Term Life Insurance2

BBVA Select Credit Card

Permanent Life Insurance2

Visa Signature Credit card

Long-Term Care Insurance2

Visa Signature Credit card

Disability Insurance2

Specifically, our insurance specialists can work with your tax and legal advisors on strategies such as:

  • Transfer your wealth 
  • Prevent having to sell existing assets    
  • Equalize inheritances   
  • Educational funds for descendants.

Business insurance solutions 

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Key Executive Insurance

If one of your key employees suddenly died, replacing them would be expensive and time-consuming. But with the proceeds from Key Executive Insurance, you’ll have the time and money you need to search for, train, and replace that key employee.

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Buy-Sell Agreements between Partners

If a partner dies or leaves, you can prevent your company from dissolving by having each partner get a life insurance policy benefiting the other partners. This agreement allows a company to buy out the partner’s share of the company for a pre-agreed upon sum and immediately settle with the partner’s beneficiaries.

Review an existing insurance policy

Make the most of your insurance. Your dedicated insurance specialist can review your current insurance and:

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Get your insurance reviewed if you have done any of the following:

  • Sold your business
  • Received an inheritance
  • Improved or declining health

  • Had a new baby or all children are grown
  • Not reviewed your policy in 10 years

Contact us for advising help

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