Thursday, 7 May 2015

You can show your love on Valentine's Day without breaking the bank.

In fact, homemade cards, foods and gifts can be a wonderful way to demonstrate your love and appreciation. Here are some ideas:

1. Write a heartfelt letter

Why buy a card off the rack? You can easily make your own card that will be more personal than something from a store. Write a letter about your favorite memories or why your companion is so important to you. Or, find a poem that captures your feelings and include it with just a short note. Add a favorite photo of you and your mate together, and you've got a keepsake worth saving!

2. Offer the gift of time

Sure, jewelry is wonderful, but your loved one also appreciates your time. Create your own gift certificate that promises to spend time doing what your partner loves the most, such as an afternoon hike or watching old movies together. (You also could promise to take on a chore your partner dreads.). Feeling artistically challenged? You can print gift certificates, instead of designing your own.

3. Go arts-and-craftsy

It doesn't require any artistic ability to make a simple yet sweet homemade gift, such as a carefully wrapped and decorated six-pack of craft beer for a beer connoisseur or a special bottle of wine in a homemade carrier. Homemade“bath bombs" are another easy project, but you can find endless suggestions online to bring out your inner Martha Stewart.

4. Make a special recipe

Your girlfriend loves chocolate? Baking simple fudge bonbon cookies is a far more romantic gesture than giving her a box of candy you bought. Likewise, a home-cooked meal can be even more special than a fancy dinner out. Think about the food your loved one enjoys and make at least one of those dishes. Does your guy love meat-and-potatoes? You don't have to buy filet mignon to make it special. Consider making skirt steak with lemon chili roasted potatoes as an alternative to a more expensive cut of meat.

5.Don't forget music

If you are cooking at home, set the mood. Create a playlist of romantic songs or songs with a theme to share with your Valentine date. Taking the time to prepare something special for your loved one can make for a romantic, meaningful gift that your partner will never forget. 


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