Monday, 3 June 2019

Want to make your dad feel loved this Father's Day?

Avoid purchasing the traditional necktie or boring coffee mugs he's probably received on countless Sundays in June. Unless, of course, the dad in your life absolutely loves neckties or coffee mugs. If he—like most of us—is a little more complex, get creative and conjure up a gift that fits his unique personality or special interest.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started on the path to pleasing dear old Dad.

Outdoorsy dad

What he likes: This dad never wants to stay inside. He'd rather be hiking a mountain trail, fly fishing in a crystal lake, riding an ATV through the woods, or at least bird watching in the neighborhood park. He prefers family activities that don't involve air conditioning or sofa-sitting, and is always eager to show you something in nature—a blooming flower, a bird's nest, a huge fish.

Fitting gifts: Show Outdoorsy Dad that you understand him by giving him another reason to enjoy nature, such as kayaking lessons, new hiking boots or socks, or a fancy pair of binoculars.

Culinary dad

What he likes: This dad loves to cook—and eat—good food. Whether it's on his backyard grill or in his own kitchen, he's always serving up something tasty. He relishes the opportunity to prepare culinary creations for family and friends, and for you to share time in the kitchen with him.

Fitting gifts: After all the good food he's cooked for you, doesn't your Culinary Dad deserve a gift that's fitting for him? Consider French cooking lessons, a set of grilling tools, or unique foodie items such as a ravioli rolling pin or a beer brewing kit.

Cerebral dad

What he likes: This guy is intelligent and articulate, although he may not say much because he's often got his head in a book or newspaper. He was the one who helped you get through calculus, or honors English, or whatever subject puzzled you but came easy to him. He's a lifelong learner who enjoys sharing his knowledge with you—when you show interest.

Fitting gifts: Feed Cerebral Dad's thirst for knowledge with a book of crossword puzzles, a subscription to a favorite magazine, or book by his favorite author and add a set of Adirondack chairs so he can muse over his book readings outdoors.

Athletic dad

What he likes: Always on the move, the Athletic Dad may be competitive but he's fun-loving. Family gatherings often involve a game of kickball, basketball, volleyball or other sport with the relatives, at his suggestion. And he rarely misses his gym workouts, although Father's Day may qualify as a skip day.

Fitting gifts: Help Athletic Dad get his cardio with a smart jump rope that counts reps and calories, an activity-tracking fitness wristband, or entry to a local five-on-five basketball tournament with four of his best buds (or even better, you and your siblings).

Fan dad

What he likes: Fan Dad has an interest that he follows religiously. Maybe he's a sports fan who always DVRs his favorite team's games. Or maybe he's a superhero fan who owns every superhero movie and always goes to see the new ones in the theater on opening day.

Fitting gifts: Find a way to incorporate your dad's favorite interest into a memorable Father's Day gift. For the sports fan, consider tickets to a big sporting event or a shirt emblazoned with his team's logo. For the comic book fan, purchase a Marvel superhero t-shirt or a stack of vintage comic books. For the science fiction fan, buy a box set of his favorite series and make a date to binge watch the show. Your dad's personality is unique—and his Father's Day gift should be too. Get creative and make it a Dad's Day to remember. 


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