Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Giving a gift that you made yourself can be a lot more meaningful to the recipient than anything you could buy in a store—and it's much more likely to be easier on your checkbook.

Here are six do-it-yourself holiday gift ideas to help spread cheer this season.

Baked goodies

Your homemade fudge or chocolate chip cookies—wrapped in a festive box and colorful ribbon—is likely to a be a hit with friends or family and won't leave them with unwanted knickknack clutter. Ditto a jar of your homemade preserves.

Fun pillowcases

Buy some inexpensive pillowcases (old t-shirts can also work) and fabric paint to make something unique and personalized that brings sweet dreams to your family and friends. You can make your designs and messages fun, serious, or just plain stylish. Here are some instructions for making this one-of-a-kind gift.

Jarring gifts

If you want to give homemade gifts but aren't the domestic type, there's still hope for you. You can put just about anything into a mason jar, decorate it, and wrap it up in a beautiful ribbon for a beautiful present. A big jar of ground coffee or coffee beans is sure to please the caffeine lover in your family. Another idea: fill mason jars with spices that look appealing and could be used in your friend's recipes. 

Birdseed cakes

The birds, as well as your favorite birdwatching-friends, are sure to appreciate this recipe for birdseed cakes. Switch out the heart-shaped baking pan for a Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year's mold for a holiday-specific theme.

DIY frame

Nothing will please the grandparents, parents, or newlyweds like the perfect picture in a frame that you made yourself. Your homemade frame could hold a memorable photo, your child's artwork, or a favorite quote printed on high-quality paper in a graphically-pleasing font. This photo frame inside a readable book would be great gift idea for your favorite book lover.

Painted flower pot

 If you know a plant lover or someone else who could use some indoor greenery, a plant inside a flower pot that you painted can make an excellent gift. This site offers plenty of ideas, but plants aren't the only contents suitable for your flower pot. Pine cones, candy, or packaged herbs also make a nice gift-withina-gift. But be mindful of household pets when choosing a plant, since some of our favorites can make cats and dogs sick. 


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