The Reasons to Select BBVA Wealth Solutions

Benefit from experience 

Combining global reach and local focus, BBVA Wealth Solutions is a registered investment consultant wholly owned by BBVA USA. BBVA USA is the U.S. bank of the BBVA Group, a 150-year-old global financial services group recognized for its stability, innovation, and culture of social responsibility. BBVA Group has more than $750 billion in total assets and operations in over 30 countries.

Based in the Sunbelt region, BBVA USA currently has locations in seven high-growth states extending from California to Florida. We offer a unique combination of global reach and local expertise to help our clients create strategies for a lifetime of success.


Teamwork on your behalf

Whether you're an individual saving for retirement, a corporate executive with concentrated stock positions, or a successful business owner looking for strategic investments, BBVA Wealth Solutions can help.

Working with you, we will build a customized solution using world-class investment products.



We are guided by these BBVA corporate principles:

 The client as the center of our business

 Ethical conduct and personal and professional integrity as a way of
     understanding and conducting business

 Innovation as the engine for progress

 Corporate social responsibility as an intrinsic part of development

 Teamwork as the key to generating value

 Management style that generates enthusiasm

 Creation of shareholder value through business activity

Investment approach: A solution takes a plan

Studies have found investors with a carefully crafted financial plan are likely to accumulate significantly more wealth at retirement than those without plans.

As an important aspect of plan creation and execution, BBVA Wealth Solutions developed the SmartPath® Digital Portfolios investment approach. The SmartPath portfolios consist of a series of broadly diversified, actively managed, risk-adjusted asset allocation solutions.

We help you select the portfolio that most closely aligns with your personal investment profile and financial plan, and then carefully manage your selected portfolio.



Disciplined investment approach

We believe an investment's market value fluctuates much more widely than its underlying intrinsic value, which is the value of an asset priced to include all tangible, intangible, qualitative and quantitative information.

In order to achieve more consistent results over time, we select investments based on a proven research and evaluation process and adhere closely to these core principles through all market cycles.



Put your eggs in several baskets. At BBVA Wealth Solutions, we believe that effectively managing risk is the most significant variable in achieving consistent long-term returns.

Asset allocation is a disciplined approach to investing across a variety of asset classes, geographies, styles and market capitalizations to reduce portfolio volatility without sacrificing long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Being mindful of these factors is crucial as most elements tend to respond differently to each other - known as correlation - under various economic conditions. Through a carefully developed process, investments are selected with correlations "hand picked" to work effectively together.


Strategic asset allocation

The asset management team evaluates economic and market events to develop a top-down strategic view on economic, financial, political and social conditions that may affect global markets.

This approach allows for the optimal positioning of every portfolio with the flexibility to adjust asset allocations in response to global market conditions.

Disciplined portfolio construction

Our disciplined portfolio construction process considers all relevant factors affecting investors and the global investing horizon. We select the underlying investment options and determine their respective allocation within each portfolio.

Each holding is then evaluated to determine its risk-reward and correlation impact on the portfolio, relative to the market and to each other. Portfolios are constantly monitored and evaluated, and may be rebalanced from time to time to maintain a strategic target asset allocation.

Customized solutions

We use a consultative review process to carefully match each client's Personal Investment Profile to the appropriate portfolio.

Our Financial Consultants will carefully walk you through the discovery process to determine measurable financial goals and to quantify risk tolerance. A management overlay then allows for customization to our clients' preferences and specific tax situation.

Asset allocation strategies

BBVA Wealth Solutions offers its clients SmartPath® Digital Portfolios programs with actively involved portfolio managers that can help you reach your investment goals according to your unique investment profile.

SmartPath Diversified Portfolios for Domestic Clients

SmartPath Diversified Portfolios are a good option for investors who have financial needs beyond single-focus investing and would like a higher level of assistance from their consultant. Each account is constructed using an objective-based, strategically crafted, and consistently tailored model portfolio.

SmartPath Diversified Portfolios for International Clients

Non-US residents who have similar financial needs may want to consider SmartPath Diversified Portfolios for International Clients. These offshore-managed portfolios are similar to the SmartPath Diversified Portfolios for domestic clients, but provide a customized portfolio for our international clients based on their unique needs.

Let’s talk about your wealth solution

For more information about BBVA Wealth Solutions, Inc., or to have one of our professional financial consultants get in touch with you, call or email our office:

BBVA Wealth Solutions, Inc.
2200 Post Oak Boulevard, 19th Floor
Houston, TX 77056

Tel: 713.552.9277 or 800.538.8152
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Details you need to make a smart decision

Advisory services are offered through BBVA Wealth Solutions, Inc., a registered investment advisor, an affiliate of BBVA USA and a member of the BBVA Group. Securities and Investment Products are offered through BBVA Investments, a division of BBVA Securities Inc., member FINRA and SIPC and an affiliate of BBVA USA and BBVA Wealth Solutions, Inc.

Investors should note that there are risks inherent in all investments, such as fluctuations in investment principal.

No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.

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