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1. Take the assessment

Give us a few quick answers about your goals, your investment timeline, and your thoughts on risk versus reward.

2. See custom investment model

Based on your answers, we’ll show you a model portfolio and potential performance over your investment timeline. 

3. Start an account

With a starting deposit of $10,000, you can open an online account and get started right away. A low annual fee of .75% keeps costs down.

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The BBVA Wealth Solutions approach to online investing

Why do we have a risk tolerance quiz?

There’s a reason we ask you to take an investment risk profile quiz. It’s because successful investing is possible when a portfolio matches your comfort level for risk. Our quiz is a simple and effective way to gauge risk tolerance factors against your personal inclination.

What is an asset allocation strategy?

Asset allocation is an investment strategy that manages a balance of risk versus reward by adjusting your investments according to your risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame.


There’s an investment portfolio for every person

Based on your quiz results, we’ll recommend an online managed account that matches your risk tolerance and time horizon to a strategic asset allocation plan. Whichever you choose, your portfolio will be managed by a knowledgeable professional.

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Aggressive Model
  • Ideal investor: Has both a high tolerance for risk and a long investment time horizon.
  • Main objective: Provide high growth without providing current income.

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Moderate Aggressive Model
  • Ideal investor: Has relatively high tolerance for risk and a longer time horizon. Can tolerate fluctuations in portfolio values. 
  • Main objective: Capital appreciation.

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Moderate Model
  • Ideal investor: Seeks relatively stable growth with a lower level of income potential.
  • Main objective: Achieve relatively steady growth while generally attempting to limit fluctuations in the portfolio to less than the overall U.S. equity market.

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Moderate Conservative Model
  • Ideal investor: Seeks both modest capital appreciation and income potential. 
  • Main objective: Preserve capital with some fluctuations in the values of the portfolio.

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Conservative Model
  • Ideal investor: Cautious with a low risk tolerance and/or a short time horizon. 
  • Main objective: Preserve capital while providing income.

Your quick investment account tutorial

Individual Account

Opened in the name of one person with all tax reporting being performed under the Social Security number of that individual.


Joint Account

An account owned by two or more people. Tax reporting is performed under the Social Security number of the primary account holder.


Roth IRA - Rollover 

A type of individual retirement account where contributions are made with after-tax dollars and distributions are tax-free in certain conditions.


Roth IRA - Participant

An IRA funded with after-tax dollars, offering the opportunity for federal tax-free growth and withdrawals. Contributions are subject to income limitations.

Traditional IRA - Rollover

The IRA often used when changing jobs or retiring. Assets are distributed from an employer sponsored plan and can be moved into another IRA without tax penalties.

Traditional IRA - Participant

This plan allows you to contribute a limited yearly sum toward retirement. Contributions may be tax-deductible. Future taxes on capital gains and interest are deferred.

Other Ways to Invest

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Invest directly online

Manage investments yourself with an online brokerage account.

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Get help from a consultant

Have a dedicated financial consultant build custom portfolios to meet your goals.

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Details you need to make a smart decision

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