Transactions with Affiliates (Regulation W)

Borrower shall not directly or indirectly (including through its parent company(ies), subsidiary(ies), or affiliate(s)) transfer any proceeds of the Loan to, nor use them for the benefit of, a Bank Affiliate, including using any of the proceeds of the Loan to make any payment on (or with respect to) any loan or other debt from any Bank Affiliate. Borrower may request a list of Bank Affiliates, which is updated on a quarterly basis, from the Bank by contacting its relationship manager. The term “Bank Affiliate” means any entity (1) that is directly or indirectly (including ownership through a trust and beneficial ownership), controlling, controlled by, or under common control with Lender (such an entity a “Control Entity”), (2) in which a majority of its directors, trustees, or general partners (or individuals exercising similar functions) constitute a majority of the persons holding any such office with Lender or a Control Entity, (3) that is sponsored and advised on a contractual basis by Lender or another Bank Affiliate, or (4) that is (a) an investment company for which Lender or any other Bank Affiliate serves as an investment advisor, as defined in section 2(a)(20) of the Investment Company Act of 1940 (15 U.S.C. 80a-2(a)(20)), or (b) an investment fund for which Lender or another Bank Affiliate serves as an investment advisor, if Lender and the other Bank Affiliates own or control in the aggregate more than five percent (5%) of any class of voting securities or of the equity capital of the fund (It being understood that the ownership of fifteen percent (15%) or more of the ownership interest in an entity shall be deemed control of the entity, and that each general partner shall have control over the partnership).

To the extent the proceeds of this Loan will be used to purchase securities (regardless of whether such purchase is conducted through BBVA Securities, Inc. or through another broker-dealer): (1) no securities of a Bank Affiliate (including those underwritten by a Bank Affiliate) shall be purchased during an issuance or underwriting period, or in a way that would transfer Loan proceeds to a Bank Affiliate; (2) no securities shall be purchased where a Bank Affiliate is selling them as principal (even in the open market); and (3) Borrower agrees to promptly notify Lender of any violation of this provision.