Credit Report Authorization

In this Credit Report Authorization:

  • “Applicant” means the business applying for credit.
  • “Owner” means the Applicant (if the Applicant is a sole proprietor) or each person who has an ownership interest in the Applicant (if the Applicant is a corporation, LLC, LLP, partnership or other entity).
  • “Guarantor” means each Owner, any other person on whose credit the Applicant will rely, and any other person providing the requested information in this Application.

By selecting “Apply Now”, the Applicant(s), each Guarantor, and each Owner:

  1. Authorize BBVA to investigate, to obtain, and to exchange information regarding the Applicant, each Guarantor, and each Owner, including credit reports and other information regarding the creditworthiness of the Applicant, each Guarantor, and each Owner and information from federal and state agencies (such as the Internal Revenue Service and any state motor vehicle department).  Further, if BBVA extends any credit in connection with this Application, Guarantor authorizes BBVA to update any of this information from time to time, and 
  2. Authorize BBVA to obtain credit reports and other consumer reports about Guarantor to, among other purposes, evaluate this Application and to present the Applicant and/or the Guarantor with other products, offers, or services that BBVA believes may be of interest.