Credit Card Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions



Before submitting your request for a Balance Transfer, you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

By accepting the Balance Transfer offer(s), you request and authorize BBVA to pay on your behalf balances you owe to other creditors and to transfer those balances to your BBVA credit card Account. Balance Transfer offers may not be used to pay amounts owed to BBVA. Balance Transfers are subject to the terms and conditions disclosed in the agreement governing your BBVA credit card account (“Credit Card Agreement”).

For each Balance Transfer, a Balance Transfer Fee of $10 or 4% of the Balance Transfer amount (whichever is greater) will be charged to your BBVA credit card Account, unless otherwise stated in the offer. Balance Transfers are treated as Cash Advances under your Credit Card Agreement except that the APR for Balance Transfers (and not the APR for Cash Advances) will apply to Balance Transfers; however, under certain circumstances, Balance Transfer APRs may vary according to promotional offers. Balance Transfers do not earn rewards, unless otherwise indicated.

You may lose your interest-free period on new Purchases

If you take advantage of any promotional Balance Transfer APR offer from BBVA, you may lose your interest-free period (also called a grace period) on new Purchases. That is because you must pay your entire balance each month, including any balance(s) created by promotional Balance Transfer offers, by the payment due date to avoid interest on Purchase transactions. Additional fees may apply.

This is only a request for a Balance Transfer

We reserve the right to decline all or part of your Balance Transfer request(s). Please allow up to 10 days for your creditor(s) to receive payment; however, your creditor(s) may not credit the payment to your account immediately upon receipt and may reject the payment altogether. You should continue to make payments on your other account(s) until you confirm with your creditor(s) that you no longer have a balance on the creditor’s account. A balance transfer does not automatically close an account. To close a credit card account after you transfer the balance from it, contact the creditor.

Processing your Balance Transfer request

Balance Transfers will be processed in the order determined by BBVA. Balance Transfers, plus applicable fees, may not exceed the amount of your available credit. We may either reject a Balance Transfer request that exceeds the amount of your available credit or process a portion of the requested transfer which does not exceed your available credit. Your available credit will change based upon your account activity. We may decrease your credit limit without prior notice. You certify that you have received your credit card agreement and account disclosures.

Withdrawing your Balance Transfer request

If you provide us reasonable advance notice before a Balance Transfer has been processed, you may withdraw a Balance Transfer requested by calling us at 1-800-239-5175. However, A BALANCE TRANSFER REQUEST MAY BE PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY, and you may not have an opportunity to withdraw your Balance Transfer request.

You may lose your right to dispute charges

By transferring balances to your BBVA credit card Account from other accounts, you may lose your rights to dispute the charges and amounts contained within the transferred balance.

BBVA and BBVA Compass are trade names of BBVA USA, a member of the BBVA Group.