Video Banking


Connect to a video banker 24/7

Experience our new drive-thru innovation. Video Banking℠ combines the secure, personalized service of a knowledgeable banker with full self-service technology.

With Video Banking, BBVA customers can now interact with a live teller 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Make Transfers
  • Check Your Balance
  • Ask Questions
  • Make Deposits
  • Make Withdrawals
  • Get Cash Back
  • Print Mini-Statements
  • Make Payments
  • Stop Payments
  • Reorder Checks

Video Bankers can also help with a variety of other customer service needs. From our video banking kiosks, you can report your debit card lost or stolen, open or close a debit card dispute, link accounts to your debit card, change your PIN, and update your contact information.

Video Banking gives you easy and secure access to your accounts. With the assistance of the Video Banker, you can even perform transactions without your debit card. Our virtual tellers can identify you with security questions and help you access the information you need.