Online Business Banking: Pilot Defects

Upgrade to the new Online Business Banking

To ensure you have a safe upgrade with no interruptions to your service, please take a moment to take action on and note the items below. These are items that are likely to negatively impact your transition if not addressed as follows.

Prior to upgrade:

  1. Update your BBVA Mobile Banking app. You must have the latest version of the app to continue to access your accounts using the mobile app after the upgrade.
  2. Make note of your account nickname, as this will be your user ID that will be required to sign-in going forward. You may identify your nickname in the Service Center, just click "Change Nickname." Your nickname will be displayed. Please delay any changes to your nickname until after you have been upgraded to the new Online Banking.
  3. Make note of your scheduled and recurring transfers that will take place on or around your upgrade date, just to be safe! All transactions should process properly, but in the event they do not, we need you to call us with the details.

After upgrade:

  1. Reconfigure Your Alerts - If you had previously set up alerts in Online Banking, you will need to reconfigure your alerts as we have updated our Online Banking alerts system to match our 17 customizable alerts available in Mobile Banking. If you had your alerts set up in the app before the upgrade, you will not need to reconfigure your alerts; your saved alerts preferences will now be reflected in Online Banking under the Alerts tab. Learn more about alerts.
  2. Verify Scheduled Payments & Transfers - If you have scheduled recurring payments or transfers, you will need to review them to ensure that they are still scheduled. With the upgrade, we eliminated some of the less popular frequency options. If your recurring transaction frequency was eliminated, you will need to reschedule your transaction. View a quick demo
  3. Recalibrate Entitled Users - Go to the Service Center and manage your entitled users. We have added entitlement features like approvals and limits; be sure to check them out and take advantage of the great new features that help you better manage your business. View a quick demo
  4. Note: Payments previously were scheduled by the receipt date. In the new Online Banking payments are scheduled by the send date (the day the funds leave the bank). Any recurring transfers will need to be validated to ensure they arrive on time. This change should be noted when scheduling future payments.

Additionally, be sure to watch the videos and read the FAQs available to you on Upgrade Central to inform you of the changes, new features and services available to you in your new Business Online Banking.