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Secure Send℠ International Money Transfer


Send money home from the comfort of yours

Safely and easily transfer money internationally with Secure Send℠ International Money Transfer. When you send money with BBVA, you are connected to one of the largest and safest money transfer banking networks in Mexico and Latin America. In addition, we also offer you this safe and reliable service for more than 20 countries, including China, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

After enrolling in Secure Send at a branch or in Online Banking, easily begin sending money to friends and family abroad.

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Make an international Secure Send money transfer at a BBVA USA ATM


Frequently asked questions


What is the BBVA International Money Transfer service?

It is a safe, reliable and fast money transfer service being offered to customers that have an account with BBVA. It allows customers to send money to their friends and loved ones in 20 different countries including Mexico and most countries in Latin America.

How does the BBVA International Money Transfer service work?

Customers can choose either to send money from a BBVA account or to send cash. They can also choose where and how their beneficiaries receive the money – either for cash pick up or a deposit into their account at the money transfer payment bank (note: not all payment banks have the direct deposit service).

To transfer money to a loved one, the customer must go to a participating BBVA branch.

What documents or information do I need to make an International Money Transfer?

To initiate an international money transfer, the customer needs to have a valid US or foreign issued ID (including foreign passport, Consular ID, Mexican Voting Card and Mexican Drivers License). They must also provide:

  • Complete name and address of the person to whom they are sending money.
  • The amount being sent.
  • The money transfer payment entity where the money is being sent. It is important to note that the beneficiary will need to show a valid ID to pick up his/her money, so the beneficiary’s name provided, must match the one on their ID.
  • Specify if the beneficiary will pick up the money in cash or if it will be deposited into his / her bank account at the money transfer payment bank.
  • If the money will be deposited into the beneficiary’s bank, the customer must provide the exact bank account number.
How soon will the money be available?

The money will be available in the destination country in no more than 15 minutes after it was sent. If the money will be picked up in cash, it must be picked up during the payment entity’s regular business hours. If the money will be deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account, the money will be available 24 hours a day through the payment bank’s ATM network.

How much money can be sent to a beneficiary?

Up to $3,000 can be sent each day, with a maximum amount of $10,000 that can be sent in a 30 day period.

How much does the service cost?

There are no enrollment fees or monthly service fees to use this service. The fees for individual transfers can range from zero money transfer fee (for BBVA Preferred Clients) up to $5.00 for customers with a BBVA checking or savings account sending up to $3,000 per day.

Will my beneficiaries be charged to receive or pick up the money I sent?

No, they will not be charged anything to receive or pick up the money. Any applicable fees charged will be paid by the person sending the money transfer.

What makes the BBVA International Money Transfer service better than other comparable money transfer services?

BBVA which is part of the BBVA Group, one of the largest and soundest financial institutions in the world, has been a pioneer in the International Money Transfer business. Because of this, BBVA has access to one of the largest money transfer payment networks in Mexico and Latin America. Our primary concern is ensuring the safety of the money being sent as well as providing the customer sending the money and the customer receiving the money the best value for their money – a fast, safe and economical way to send money to your loved ones back home.

Where can I find a written explanation of my rights?

Details you need to make a smart decision

Secure Send via Online and Mobile Banking is available to BBVA deposit account holders only. Transfers for cash pick-up can only be sent from a BBVA branch. To use Secure Send in a BBVA branch, customer must register for the service and set up recipients at a branch. BBVA may also obtain a monetary gain from the foreign exchange conversion of some transactions represented by the difference in the retail exchange rate and the wholesale exchange rate at which BBVA purchases the foreign currency. Inquire at branch for details.