Quick Access


Tools to make banking even more convenient 

What's more convenient than Online and Mobile Banking? Tools that help you access your accounts faster, so you can accomplish more in less time. Discover features to help make signing in, viewing your accounts, and helping protect yourself against identify theft and fraud easier than ever. 


Remember Me

Leveraging device recognition technology, Remember Me detects if you have signed in to your account on that device previously. You can select the Remember Me option to bypass entering a username every time you access your Online Banking.

Touch ID® Integration

Touch ID® is a seamless way to use your fingerprint as a passcode. With just a touch of a button, the Touch ID® sensor will quickly verify your fingerprint and automatically sign you into our app. Just another way we make banking quick and easy.

Quick View

The quick view option allows users to swipe left pre-sign-in and quickly view their account balances and a short list of their most recent transactions.

Navigation Bar

This "smart" menu displays the most commonly used app features -- making navigation faster and easier to access your main banking functions.

Safety and Security

Disable your quick access features (Touch ID®, Fingerprint Authentication, and Remember Me) from another device in the event yours is lost or stolen.

Fingerprint sign-in and Facial recognition

Touch ID and Fingerprint Authentication are seamless ways to quickly verify yourself and sign into the mobile app using your fingerprint as a passcode. Similarly, Face ID and Face Recognition also securely unlocks your phone and signs into the app without using a passcode. Just another way we make banking quick and easy.

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