Statements & Accounts

What are Pending Transactions? Posted Transactions?

Pending Transactions have been received by the bank, and the amount has been taken out of your Available Balance, but has not completed processing. Posted Transactions have been processed and completed.

How do I search for Transactions?
  1. Move your mouse over Statements & Accounts and click to launch the Account Details page.
  2. Click on the down arrow in the Account box to display all of your accounts.
  3. Place your mouse over the account for which you would like to do your search and click to select.
  4. In the Posted Transactions box, place your mouse inside the Search field. The Search options will automatically expand.
  5. You can search by a specific date, date range, check number and amount (Note: If sorting transactions by anything other than date, the Balance column will no longer be displayed.)
  6. Click on Clear to clear your search criteria to start a new search or click Cancel to return to your normal transaction display.
Why can’t I edit or delete a Pending Transaction?

    If a transaction has started processing and is displayed in the Pending Transaction box, you will no longer be able to change that transaction nor delete it.

How much history can I see in my Posted Transactions?

    In the Posted Transactions box you will find a list of your past transactions that have already been processed and posted to your account. Transactions from the last 30 days are automatically shown. To view transactions older than the past 30 days, click on the View More Transactions button at the bottom of the Posted Transactions box.

    Transaction History Availability:

    Checking, Savings, Money Market, Credit Card and Overdraft Protection Accounts 16 months
    Installment Loans and Home Mortgage Accounts 36 months
    CDs and IRA Accounts Life of the account
How do I view images of checks and deposits?
  1. Place your mouse over Statements & Accounts in the top menu to display all of the accounts that are available in Online Banking. Move your mouse down over the account you would like to view and click to select.
  2. On the Account Details page, scroll down to the Posted Transactions box. Click the check image icon to the right of the transaction description to view images of checks that have cleared and posted to the account.
  3. You have the option to print, download, and close the image. Images are available for viewing once a Pending Transaction is processed and is listed under Posted Transactions.
  4. You may also view images associated with past monthly statements by clicking on the View Checks and Deposit Slips link that is located in the Monthly Statements box at the top of the Account Details page. If there are no images to view, this link will be grayed out and not available.
How do I view and download statements?
  1. Click on Statements & Accounts in the top menu to open the Account Details page.
  2. Choose the account for which you would like to view a statement by placing your mouse on the down arrow next to the Account box. Click to display all of your accounts. Move your mouse over an account and click to select.
  3. In the Monthly Statements box, click on the down arrow to select the date range for the statement, and then click the Download PDF button. Up to 16 monthly Online Statements will be available for viewing.
  4. A PDF version of the statement you selected is generated. You will be given the option to view the statement immediately or to save the file to your device.
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