What are Entitlements in Business Online Banking?

Entitlements allow Primary Administrators (PA) and Secondary Administrators (SA) to create users and assign permissions for a Business Online Banking profile. Permissions allow users to take advantage of the small business account functionality provided in Online Banking. A PA can create and manage SAs and Entitled Users (EU). An SA can create and manage EUs. An EU will have permissions to access functionality that are assigned by the PA or an SA. An EU cannot create other users or modify permissions.

What is the Primary Administrator?

The Primary Administrator (PA) is responsible for oversight of functionality, transactions, assigning user roles and permissions for the business account profile. The PA has total approval authority for all transactions. The client must assign a PA to the account upon origination of their Business Online Banking profile. The PA will always have full permissions for all aspects of Business Online Banking for the client. The PA does not have to be the owner or signer on the account(s). The PA is responsible for adding new users as Secondary Administrators or Entitled Users for the account profile. There can be only one Primary Administrator per profile.

What is a Secondary Administrator?

The Secondary Administrator (SA) is designated by the PA. The SA can have all of the permissions of the PA, with the exception of editing or deleting their own permissions, as well as those of the PA. The SA can add new users as Entitled Users for the account profile. New users set up by the SA can only have entitlements and permissions up to those that the SA has been granted by the PA. An SA cannot designate additional SAs. There can be an unlimited number of Secondary Administrators.

What is an Entitled User?

The Entitled User (EU) can be designated by both the PA and the SA. The EU can be assigned access to certain account details and given the ability to perform certain transactions and activities. This role can be revoked or reassigned by the PA or an SA. There are no limits on the number of EUs that can be designated.

How does someone approve or decline a transaction?
  1. To begin the approval process, locate the Approvals widget, located on the Summary, Business Payments, Employee/Individual Payments, and Business Domestic Wires pages within Payments & Transfers. Click on the Approve Transactions tab.
  2. Transactions that need to be approved will display on the Approved Transactions screen. Click on the View More Transactions button, then on the dropdown list to sort pending transactions by type. Options are All, Employee/Individual Payments, Business Payments and Business Domestic Wires.
  3. The user can approve or decline each transaction individually by clicking the Approve or Decline button next to each transaction listed. All transactions may also be approved or declined at the same time by clicking on either the Approve All button or the Decline All button.
  4. The Approver can click on the Undecided button if they are not ready to approve a transaction or need to collect additional information.
  5. Transactions that the Approver declines are canceled. No action is taken for transactions for which the Approver is undecided. Click Next to continue to the Review screen.
  6. On the Review screen, a list of the transactions will be displayed, noted with the decision classification, transactions that have been approved or declined.
  7. Enter the One-Time Security Code for Approved transactions, then click Submit. (There is no One-Time Security Code for Declined transactions.)
  8. A confirmation screen will display once the transaction decision has been submitted. Transactions that have been approved/declined will be listed. If a Transaction Error occurred for an individual transaction, it will be denoted with the “?” symbol with the reason for a transaction error.
  9. Click the OK button to continue.

    Note: Transactions awaiting approval will not display in the Scheduled Transactions module until they are approved.
How does someone send Approval Reminders for transactions awaiting approval?
  1. Transactions that have been created by a user and are waiting for an approval by another Approver will display in the Approvals widget on the Summary, Business Payments, Employee/Individual Payments, and Business Domestic Wires pages within Payments & Transfers.
  2. In the Approvals widget, click on the Remind Approvers tab. To send a reminder for a transaction click on the Send Reminder button so that YES is displayed. The default state for the button is NO, so be sure to toggle until YES is highlighted. After making selections, click on the Next button.
  3. A confirmation screen will display indicating that reminders have been sent. Click on the OK button to finish.
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