Payments & Transfers: Business Transfers Within Bank

How do I make transfers between my BBVA business accounts?
  1. Move your mouse over the Payments & Transfers tab, and then click on Business Transfers Within Bank.
  2. For Step 1, place your mouse over the down arrow in the From field and click. Select one of the accounts shown as the account from which you are making your transfer.
  3. Click the down arrow in the To field. Choose the account to which you would like to send the transfer.
  4. Click your mouse inside the Amount field and enter the dollar amount you would like to transfer. Click the down arrow in the Frequency field and then select how often you would like to make this transfer.
  5. Click on the Calendar Tool icon to display the available dates that your transfer can be made. Move your mouse over the date you have chosen and click that date. If you choose a frequency of Monthly, you also have another option instead of using the calendar tool. Click on the Last Day of the Month button, then click on the down arrow and select the month you wish to start the transfers. When finished, click the Next button.
  6. In Step 2, you can check the details of your transfer on the Review screen. If all of the information is correct, place your mouse over the Submit button to process your transfer request. If you need to make corrections, click on the Previous button to edit your request.
  7. At Step 3, a confirmation page will display when your transfer request has been received, and will include a reference number for your records. Click OK to return to the Business Transfers Within Bank page.
What are Scheduled Transactions? Posted Transactions?

Scheduled Transactions are transfers you have scheduled but have not yet processed. You can edit or cancel Scheduled Transactions. Posted Transactions have been processed completely. You cannot change or cancel Posted Transactions.

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