Account Summary

What is the Account Summary page?

Account Summary provides a quick overview of deposit, credit, loans and investment details in BBVA Online Banking. The default view of the Account Summary page will display All Accounts combined if you have both personal and small business accounts with BBVA, click the Personal Accounts tab or the Business Accounts tabs to view them separately. If you only have a small business account, no tabs will display. By clicking on any account displayed, you will be sent to Statements & Accounts, where detailed information for that account is located.

What are Account Modules? Can I move them?

The Account Modules are the boxes that contain your accounts for each of the product types you have with BBVA. The Account Modules can be moved, hidden, collapsed or closed at any time. To move a module, place your mouse pointer on the blue-shaded module title. Click and hold your mouse, then move the module up or down in the list. To close a module, click the “X” in the upper right of the module. Closed modules can be reopened in the Service Center.

What are the Posted and Available Balances for Checking, Savings and Money Market accounts?

Posted Balance is the account's balance after items have posted to your accounts as deposits or withdrawals. Available Balance is the amount available for withdrawal and may include pending transactions not yet posted to your account. This does not include any credit available from any BBVA Overdraft Line of Credit.

Explain the Available Balance for Certificate of Deposit and Retirement Accounts.

The Available Balance is account balance and includes deposits and/or withdrawals posted at the close of business the previous day.

What information will display for my Credit Card(s) or Lines of Credit?

Along with the Current Balance you will also be able to see the Available Credit, which is the amount of credit remaining. For Overdraft Protection and Lines of Credit, it is the remaining credit available.

What information will display for my Mortgage Account?

Current Balance is an estimate of the outstanding principal and interest owed on the loan or mortgage as of date shown. Payment Due Date is the day the next payment is due. Minimum Payment due is the minimum amount due on the next payment date.

How do I approve transactions for my accounts?

If there are external business transactions requiring approval by you or someone else in your organization, the transactions will be listed on the Summary page within the Approve Transactions and Remind Approvers modules. These modules are located on the right hand side of the Summary page. If there are any transactions awaiting approval in either module, the first transactions to display in the modules will be the oldest transactions or transactions with the earliest expiration date.

How do I take action on business account transactions that are awaiting approval by me?
  • 1. To view or take action on the listed transactions, place your mouse over the View More Transactions link and click.
  • 2. On the Approve Transactions page, place your mouse over the blue down arrow and click to display. You may sort by transaction type. (Optional)
  • 3. All of the transactions that need action by you will be listed. To view the transaction detail, place your mouse on the plus sign (+) and click to expand the transaction window.
  • 4. You can take action on a single transaction or multiple ones at once. There are three actions that you may take for each transaction, Approve, Decline or Undecided if approval is required for transactions. Place your mouse over the button that corresponds with your action and click to select.
  • 5. Once you have made all the selections for the transactions, click the Next button in the lower right-hand portion of the transaction box.
  • 6. If you approved the transaction(s), a confirmation screen will display with the transaction name and information. You will be sent a One-Time Security Code via email or text. Click inside the security code box and enter the code you received.
  • 7. Place your mouse over the Submit button and click to process.
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