Payments & Transfers

What types of accounts can I use to transfer funds?

You can transfer money between BBVA accounts you own.

How much can I transfer?

Customer limits vary. The maximum amount you can transfer will be listed next to the Amount box. The exact amount of money you can transfer changes, depending on how much you have transferred recently. If you are scheduling a transfer for a future date, make sure that funds are available to complete the transfer on that date.

How do I make a transfer between my BBVA Accounts?
  • 1. Select the Payments & Transfers tab.
  • 2. For Step 1, click on the BBVA button in the From field. This will display the Select Account field.
  • 3. Place your mouse over the down arrow in the Select Account field and click. Select one of the accounts shown as the account from which you are making your transfer, and then click the Next button to continue.
  • 4. For Step 2, move your mouse over the BBVA button and click to select. Then click the down arrow in the Select Account field. Choose the account to which you would like to send the transfer. Click the Next button.
  • 5. In Step 3 you will enter the amount of your transfer. Click your mouse inside the Amount field and enter the dollar amount you would like to transfer. Click the down arrow in the Frequency field and then select how often you would like to make this transfer.
  • 6. Click on the Calendar Tool icon to display the available dates that your transfer can be made. Move your mouse over the date you have chosen and click that date. When finished, click the Next button.
  • 7. In Step 4, you can check the details of your transfer on the Review screen. If all of the information is correct, place your mouse over the Submit button to process your transfer request. If you need to make corrections, click on the Previous button to edit your request.
  • 8. At Step 5, a confirmation page will display when your transfer request has been received, and will include a reference number for your records. For a printed copy, click on the Print Confirmation button. If you'd like to download and save the confirmation, click the Download PDF Confirmation button. When finished, click OK.

Transaction Activity

What are Scheduled Transactions? Posted Transactions?

Scheduled Transactions have been received by the bank but not processed. Posted Transactions have been processed and completed. Posted Transactions cannot be changed or canceled.

How much transaction history is available?

Transaction history is stored for up to 24 months. You can view transactions that have been scheduled but not sent in the Scheduled Transactions box on the Transaction Activity page. In the Posted Transfers box you will find a list of your past transactions that have already been processed or posted to your account. Transactions from the last 30 days are automatically shown. To view transactions older than the past 30 days, click on the View More Transactions button at the bottom of the Posted Transactions box.

How do I search for transactions?
  • 1. Select Payments & Transfers tab.
  • 2. Click on the Transaction Activity tab to open the Scheduled Transactions and Posted Transaction boxes.
  • 3. In the Posted Transactions box, place your mouse over the Search button. The Search options will automatically expand.
  • 4. You can search for transactions by a specific date, date range, check number or amount. Enter or select your search information in the appropriate box, then click the Search button. Your search results display.
  • 5. Click on Cancel to return to your normal transaction display.
Why can't I edit or delete a scheduled transaction?

If a scheduled transaction has started processing, you will no longer be able to change that transaction nor delete it.

Why is a transfer request not showing up in Scheduled Transactions?

The transfer may have already processed. See if the transaction is located in Posted Transactions by clicking on the Transaction Activity tab. If the transaction you are looking for is not being displayed, the transfer request was never received.

What are the different transaction status types?

Scheduled - A transaction request has been received and will be processed on date(s) selected.

Processing - The transaction is on its way and cannot be modified or deleted.

Processed - The transaction has been successfully processed.

Posted - The transaction has been successfully processed and has posted.

Cancelled/Stopped - The transaction has been cancelled by the user or by the system. If any money has already been taken out of an account, it will be returned.

Failed/Expired/Returned (Popmoney) - A transaction that has not successfully processed due to one of the following reasons:

  • The recipient is unable to validate access to the mobile phone as provided by the sender.
  • Funds could not be deposited into the bank account provided by the recipient.
  • Recipient did not accept/deposit payment within the allowable timeframe.

On Hold (Popmoney) - The payment was placed on hold because the sender failed verification when attempting to schedule the payment. Please call 1-800-273-1057 to remove the hold.

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