Financial Tools


Achieve your financial goals with Online and Mobile Banking

Do you want to see a clear picture of your present financials so you can build the future you want?

Use our free Financial Tools, available in Online Banking and the Mobile Banking app, to:

  • Track your spending
  • Set financial goals
  • Auto-generate a budget
  • Manage all your debts in a single place

To get started, sign in to your BBVA account and add accounts from your other banks.

Track Spending

Easily see where your money is going, with a tool that intuitively categorizes your expenses by type. Get a snapshot of your spending habits and better understand how your expenses compare to your budget.

Pay Off Debt

Easily work toward becoming debt-free with a powerful tool that allows you to view all your debts in one place. Plus, find smart strategies for paying off debt in a way that’s most comfortable for you.

Set Budgets

Assign budgets to customizable categories, and make adjustments anytime your needs or financial commitments change. Quickly visualize your budget’s status with colors that indicate if you’re below budget, close to your target, or have exceeded your allocated funds.

Estimate Net Worth 

With your non-BBVA accounts linked to Online Banking, we quickly estimate your net worth, so you can always be working to improve it.

Monitor Trends

Are you overspending? Could you save more? Compare your spending from month-to-month, and monitor your trends to ensure you save more than you spend. Get a big picture view of your accounts, so you can easily make adjustments to your overall budget.

Meet Savings Goals

Create savings goals for vacations, college, a home purchase, or anything else you want to work toward. At a glance, see where you are on the path to achieving your dreams.

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Set and stick to your budget with BBVA

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