Frequently Asked Questions

The browser you are using DOES NOT meet our stringent security standards?

This problem may occur when attempting to access online banking with an outdated browser. You may also experience this problem after installing new software on your computer. In either situation, the message you will see is:

"The browser you are using DOES NOT meet BBVA's stringent security standards for online banking. That means you will not be able to enroll or bank online with BBVA by using this browser."

To find the list of browsers we support for online banking, visit our Browser section. If you need assistance in upgrading your browser, you can find help in our online tutorial, download a browser for online banking.

If you receive this error message after installing the latest release of your browser, please be aware that there may be a delay following a new browser release before it is approved for online banking access. BBVA ensures that new browser releases meet our stringent security standards prior to our approval.

Problems with downloading a new browser?

If your Internet connection is slower than 28.8, or if you are using an older browser, you may experience difficulty downloading and installing the latest browser versions. It is strongly recommended that you obtain a new browser version on a CD or by downloading through Microsoft's or Mozilla's website.

Order the latest browser versions on a CD:

Cannot determine reverse DNS?

This error may occur when attempting to download a 128-bit (domestic encryption) browser. The error message displayed is "cannot determine reverse DNS; you cannot download a domestic browser." You may experience this problem if you access the Internet from behind a firewall. If you access the Internet from work, or through a network rather than through a phone line with a modem, you may be accessing it through a layer of security known as a firewall. A firewall protects your network and the information it contains.

To correct this problem:

  • Contact your network or systems administrator for assistance.
  • If you are unable to download the appropriate browser, you may wish to contact another ISP (Internet Service Provider) and gain direct access to the Internet without going through a network or firewall.
Page cannot be displayed?

The error message "Page cannot be displayed" can be caused by settings on your personal computer. 

  • Click "Start", point to "Settings," click "Control Panel" and then click "Internet"
  • Click the "Advanced" tab
  • Under "Security," make sure all of the following are checked
    • PCT 1.0
    • SSL 2.0
    • SSL 3.0
  • Click "OK"
  • Shut down and restart your personal computer before accessing Online Banking again
Password Reset?

For password reset information, click here.

Username Reminder?

For username reminder information, click here.