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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Update an Outside Account?

In the Update Outside Accounts form, under the heading "Outside Accounts," click on the financial institution you want to update and it will open the credentials screen.

Enter the user ID and password that you use on the financial institution's website to access the Outside Account. Answer any security questions presented.

When you have completed entering the required information, click the "Connect" button. This will update your account and add it to view in your Online Banking.

A green checkmark will appear next to the list of accounts to the left of the form to confirm that the bank and associated accounts were successfully updated.

Repeat this action for each of the financial institutions you have listed.

A "Congratulations!" screen will appear when you have successfully completed updating the entire list.

What is the Update Outside Accounts form?

The Update Outside Accounts form contains a list of the Outside accounts you have previously added to Online Banking. It is used to update your accounts from other financial institutions in Online Banking.

What is "Inside Account"?

This is a list of your BBVA Accounts.

What is "Outside Account"?

This is a list of accounts held at other financial institutions that you have added to BBVA Online Banking.

What do I do if a financial institution I had in Online Banking is not on this list?

Every attempt has been made to provide a complete list of banks and other financial institutions that you have previously included in Online Banking. However, it is possible that some were not able to be included or did not meet new criteria. Some of the latter exceptions include — Rewards Accounts and Real Estate Accounts. These account types are no longer supported. Other exceptions include any accounts you have manually added — these are accounts you have added that are not linked to the bank of origin and do not automatically update transaction information. You may add any of these accounts manually using the "Add a Manual Account" link in the "Manage Institutions" form.

How do I add a Manual Account?

A link to "Add a Manual Account" is provided at the bottom of the "Manage Institutions" form. Click on the link and fill out the form to add the account. Provide the required information: enter account name and select the account type. Interest rate is optional information you may also add. When you have completed entering the information, click the "Save It" button. This will add the information you have provided for this account to your Online Banking.

What if I have a new bank I want to add to Online Banking?

You can add as many banks and associated accounts as you want using the "Manage Institutions" form. Type the name of the bank in the search field under "Add an Account."

How do I add Outside Accounts in the future?

You can access the Manage Institutions form by clicking on the "Add/Manage Outside Accounts" link located at the top of the Account Summary page or on any Account Details page in the right column. Find the institution you are looking for from the list provided and click it, or if you don't see it listed, type the name of the bank in the search field under "Add an Account" and the bank name should appear in the list below the search field. When you find a match, click on it. This will launch the form to add your credentials for the institution you are adding. Enter your user ID, password and the answer to any security questions if presented. When you have completed entering the required information, click the Connect button. This will update your account and add it to your Online Banking.

What is the Manage Institutions form?

This is the form that will allow you to add Outside financial institutions and associated accounts to your BBVA Online Banking. It will also allow you to update these accounts if your User ID, password or security questions change.

Details you need to make a smart decision

BBVA cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information regarding accounts held by other financial institutions. If account information is unavailable, it may be displayed as dashes or zeros. Verify account information with the account-holding institution before making financial decisions.

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