Image Viewing


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Image Viewing?

Image viewing is a quick and easy way to see copies of your cleared checks and certain deposit items. These images are available for viewing the day after each item clears your account.

What can I do with Image Viewing?
  • View an image of the front and back of cleared checks
  • View an image of the front and back of some deposit tickets
  • Zoom in to review the detail of both the front and back of an image
  • Print any image for your records
  • Save any image to your computer
Do I need to enroll for Image Viewing?

Image Viewing is part of your Online Banking service. Images available for viewing on the Account History screen are underlined. Click this link to view the image. When you see the Eye Image beside a transaction in an Interactive eStatement, there is a check image or deposit image associated with this transaction and you can view it. Click on the Eye Image icon to view the image. Eye Image icon to view the image. Image Viewing is available with some or all of your Online Banking checking, savings, or money market accounts.

How long are images available?

Images are currently available for 400 days.

Which accounts are eligible for Image Viewing?

Image viewing is currently available for all BBVA checking, savings, and money market accounts.