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Customizable alert notifications are a simple way to keep tabs on your financial accounts on a regular basis without signing in to your Online Banking or Mobile Banking app. Alerts can also help you identify unusual account activity faster, and ultimately, reduce the potential impact of identity theft and fraud. Through online banking you can activate alert notifications delivered via email or you can sign in to your Mobile Banking App and choose push notifications, email, or both!


Real-time banking alerts

Real-Time banking alerts mean that when we know, you know.

  • Account Balance - Notifies you when your account balance goes over or under the amount you've chosen.
  • Withdrawal Confirmation - Notifies you when a single withdrawal (Cash or Debit) is equal to or greater than the amount you've chosen.
  • Deposit Confirmation - Notifies you when a deposit is equal to or greater than the amount you've chosen.
  • CD Redemption - Notifies you when your CD is redeemed.

Account management alerts

Set periodic alerts to keep track of important regular and irregular account activity.

  • Account Summary - Notifies you daily and/or at month-end of your posted and available account balance.
  • Check Cleared - Notifies you of each check that clears your account.
  • CD Maturity Date - Notifies you that the CD will mature in 10 to 14 days.
  • Sensitive Activity - Notifies you that a new debit card or checks have been requested or that the account has been closed. This alert will not be sent for a debit card or checks requested at account opening.
  • Overdraft Protection Notice - Notifies you of all overdraft protection line of credit advances or only advances exceeding the amount you've chosen.
  • Insufficient Funds - Notifies you when the available balance in your account has become negative. This alert will also notify you that one or more items have presented against insufficient available funds in your account. Receiving this alert does not mean that any particular item has been paid.


Credit card alerts

Customize alerts so you can easily keep up with credit card account balances and payment due dates.

  • Near Credit Limit - Determine what "near" credit card limit means to you. Receive a notification when you reach this amount, and stay in control of spending.
  • Credit Limit Reached - Notifies you when you have reached your credit limit.
  • Payment Reminder - Determine the number of days prior to your payment due date to receive a notification. Set up this alert as a reminder to help you pay credit card bills on time.
  • Account Balance - Notifies you when your credit card account balance is greater than a determined amount.
  • Daily Account Balance - Notifies you of your daily credit card account balance.

Daily alerts

Stay on top of your accounts without logging in to Online or Mobile Banking.

Daily Activity Notices - Notifies you once daily if the dollar amount or number of transactions exceeds the threshold you've chosen. Daily Activity Notice alerts can be set to monitor the following:

  • Withdrawals
  • Deposits
  • CD Deposits
  • CD Withdrawals
  • IRA Contributions
  • IRA Distributions


How to start your alerts

  1. In Online Banking, select the Alerts tab in the navigation menu to access the Alerts home page. On the Alerts home page, you can view, add, delete, and modify your alerts for each account linked to your Online Banking profile.
  2. The alerts home page is displayed. Select an account to add, delete, or modify your alert notifications.
  3. Set the email address(es) at which you wish to receive alert notifications. You may have up to two email addresses on file to receive alert notifications.
  4. You can turn "on" and set specifications for each alert you would like to have active on the account.
  5. Save the modifications made.
Online Banking Alerts

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