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The BBVA ClearPoints Credit Card gives you access to one of the most flexible and easy-to-use rewards programs available.

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Your BBVA ClearPoints Credit Card benefits include:


Get the value you want and the rewards you deserve

The BBVA ClearPoints credit  card offers a competitive rate, easy-to-use rewards and more perks.

  • No Annual Fee – You pay no annual fee with the BBVA ClearPoints credit card.
  • Free Enrollment – As a BBVA ClearPoints credit cardholder, you are automatically enrolled to earn Reward Points at no additional charge.
  • Build Your Own Rewards – With BBVA Build Your Own Rewards, choose from a list of 10 predetermined categories to earn 3x unlimited points in one category and 2x unlimited points in another category. You also earn 1 point unlimited rewards in all other categories. Category selections must be made each quarter; otherwise, transactions will default to 1 point per $1 spent. Reward Points are redeemable for account credit.1
  • Multiple Payment Options – You can pay by mail, automatic debit, Online Banking, or in a branch.
  • E-mail Alerts – Sign up for convenient alerts through email for payment notices, balances, and more.
  • Download our Award-Winning Mobile Banking App - Manage your credit cards from the convenience of your mobile device.
  • Manage Your Rewards - Simply access the rewards website via Online Banking to track points, review account details, and redeem points for account credit. 

Offers, plus more services

Low introductory rate and you could earn $100 account credit2

Take advantage of this great offer now through April 30, 2020.

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Download our Award-Winning Mobile Banking App

Track purchases, get alerts, and block and unblock your card on the go.

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Visa Zero Liability

This policy guarantees that, when you're a Visa cardholder, you will not be held responsible for fraudulent charges.

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APR, Terms, AND Fees

Take advantage of our introductory rates on purchases and balance transfers  

These terms are accurate as of March 6, 2020, but may have changed after that date. You can always find out the current terms by contacting us at: BBVA, P.O. Box 2210, Decatur, AL 35699, or by calling 1-800-239-5175.

How We Will Calculate Your Balance: We use a method called "daily balance." See the credit card agreement for more details.

The Introductory APR for Purchases will apply through the end of the thirteenth billing cycle after the account is opened for all Purchases posted to the account within the same period. The Introductory APR for Balance Transfers will apply through the end of the thirteenth billing cycle after the account is opened for all Balance Transfers requested within 60 days of account opening.

If you take advantage of any promotional Balance Transfer, Convenience Check or Cash Advance offers from BBVA, you may lose your grace period on new Purchases because you must pay your entire balance each month, including any balance(s) created by promotional offers, by the payment due date to avoid interest on Purchase transactions.

Other Fees:* To the extent permitted by applicable law, the following fees may apply: Returned Check Fee - Up to $25 ($0 in Louisiana); Stop Payment Fee - $29 ($0 in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia); Expedited Delivery Fee - amount determined at time of request ($0 in Maryland); Document Fees - Up to $37 depending upon the item ($0 in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia); Transfer Fee (for direct deposit of Cash Advance to your checking account) - $25 ($0 Maryland); Expedited Payment Fee - $10; Skip Payment Fee (if offered by us, accepted by you and your Minimum Payment Due would have been $200 or more) - $35; Rate Reduction Fee (if offered by us and accepted by you) - $75. †Returned Payment - $0 in Maryland, $20 in all other states. 

*Fees and Minimum Interest Charge are not applicable if you are a "covered borrower" under the Military Lending Act, as defined in 32 CFR Part 32.

May not be available to residents of all states. California Residents: Married applicants may apply for separate accounts. Delaware Residents: Service charges not in excess of those permitted by law will be charged on the outstanding balance from month to month. New York Residents: Your ‭credit report may be obtained. Upon your request, BBVA will inform you whether a report was obtained and, if so, the name and address of the consumer reporting ‭agency. Subsequent credit reports may be requested in connection with an update, renewal, or extension of the credit for which you are applying. New York residents may ‭contact the New York State Department of Financial Services at 1-800-342-3736 or visit its website,, for free information on comparative credit card rates, ‭fees, and grace periods. Ohio Residents: The Ohio law against discrimination requires that all creditors make credit equally available to all creditworthy customers, and that ‭the credit reporting agencies maintain separate credit histories on each individual upon request. The Ohio Civil Rights Commission administers compliance with this law. ‭

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CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: You can learn more about the personal information we collect and the purposes for that collection here. Para espanol, haga clic aqui.


By clicking “Submit” you are authorizing BBVA to contact you using the information you entered. All credit cards subject to approval, including credit approval.

Call Back Only Available in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas. 


Details you need to make a smart decision

*All credit cards subject to approval, including credit approval. Please see  terms and conditions.

Bonus points are awarded based on the merchant’s reporting of its merchant category code (MCC).   BBVA is not responsible for awarding points if a merchant reports its merchant category code in a category that falls outside of the bonus point category listing.   Purchases made using third-party payment accounts, mobile or wireless card readers, virtual wallets, or similar technology may not qualify for a 2x or 3x purchase category if that technology is not set up to process the purchase in that category. Final determination of which purchases qualify for bonus points is at the sole discretion of BBVA. Bonus point categories are subject to change from quarter to quarter.

2Special Offer: All credit cards subject to approval including credit approval. $100 account credit offer not available to existing BBVA credit cardholders. Offer applies to accounts open between 01/01/2020 to 04/30/2020. $1,500 in Qualifying Purchases must be made within 90 days of account opening to be eligible for the $100 account credit. A “Qualifying Purchase” is any purchase, Internet purchase, phone or mail order purchase, bill payment, contactless purchase (purchase made by holding your BBVA compass Visa Card or another device up to a secure reader instead of swiping your card), or small-dollar purchase for which you are not required to sign, made with your BBVA Visa Card, that is processed or submitted through the Visa U.S.A. Inc. payment system. Promotional offers subject to change without notice.

Visa’s Zero Liability Policy does not apply to Visa corporate or Visa purchasing card or account ‭transactions, or any transactions that are not processed by Visa. Cardholder must notify BBVA promptly of any unauthorized use as described in the cardholder agreement. Consult: or BBVA for additional details.