Wholesale Lockbox


Accelerate and amplify the power of your receivables

Receive, process, and make deposits efficiently while accessing your funds earlier in the processing cycle with BBVA Wholesale Lockbox. You'll get accelerated cash flow, improved processing work flows, and enhanced visibility into your payments while reducing mail, processing times, and check collection float. 

Additional audit controls include separating deposit and account posting functions, so there are fewer errors in processing.

  • Account Receivables Invoice Matching uses your open file to pinpoint items that match so you can close transactions promptly.
  • Lockbox Imaging Services delivers images of your checks and related invoices through multiple channels, including online, transmission, and CD-ROM/DVD.
  • Lockbox Distributed Capture scans checks remitted to your office for same-day processing. BBVA will include these transactions with your lockbox deposits in a single processing stream and transmit a comprehensive image archive and data transmission for posting to your system.

Wholesale Lockbox Benefits

Time Savings

Eliminate the manual handling of your receivables and reduce the potential for errors. 

Automated Efficiency

Streamline processes to get greater visibility into payments.

Better security

Receive images of checks and related invoices for verification.

Processing Locations

BBVA has lockbox sites in:

  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Houston, Texas
  • Tempe, Arizona
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