Consolidated Receivables


Automate your processes for a real straight-through experience

Offering a powerful and flexible approach to receivables accounting, BBVA Host-to-Host Consolidated Receivables combines payment information and related remittance data from your customers in formats supported by your system as well as from Lockbox, e-Lockbox, ACH, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), Remote Deposit, and Wire Transfer. 

End-to-end processing allows for high-volume transactions and improves reliability and speed. With the option for either single or multiple daily feeds, you have flexibility to address international payment needs through a highly secure, automated origination channel.

Security is our prime concern, which is why we:

  • Authenticate using client certificates
  • Support PGP and additional file encryption methods
  • Offer payment formats, including:
    Custom Flat File, BAI-2 ANSI ASC X.12 and ISO 20022 XML

Consolidated Receivables Benefits


Automated, speedy transaction processes support integrity of files. 


Transactions are authenticated through the use of client certificates.

Improved workflow

Get payment information workflows in either single or multiple daily feeds. 

Consolidated Receivables

Learn more about how Consolidated Receivables can help you simplify your accounts receivable process with one reporting stream across multiple payment channels.

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Receivables Solutions

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Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Shorten the payment cycle while improving posting speed and accuracy over manual processes with EBPP.

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