Blue Streak Deposit


Make in-branch deposits in seconds

Save time and increase your productivity by depositing cash and checks using Blue Streak Deposit. You’ll get faster over-the-counter service at your local branch during business hours, or you can use the night drop. Your deposits stay safe with our two-pocket, tamper-proof plastic security deposit bags that separate cash from checks. 

With our deposit tracking from branch delivery through final verification, you get a clear audit trail with a documented chain of custody.

Blue Streak Deposit Benefits

Security and visibility

Tamper-proof deposit bags and deposit tracking ensure your deposits are safe.

Lower costs

Post-verification of deposits allows for lower deposit processing fees.

Time savings

Make deposits locally, either over the counter during branch hours or after hours using night drop.

Increased productivity

Spend less time in line at the bank and more time on your business.

Blue Streak Deposit

Learn more about how BBVA's Blue Streak Deposit offers you a faster, easier, more secure way to deposit cash and checks at your local branch.

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