BBVA e-Lockbox


Say good riddance to slow remittance

BBVA e-Lockbox automates the collection and application of consumer bill-pay payments by converting them from paper to electronic and consolidating all payment data into a single remittance file. You’ll save time, increase posting efficiency, and improve cash flow.

It also gives you gives you an interactive dashboard window that connects you to one of the largest, most comprehensive networks of online bill-pay services. BBVA e-Lockbox’s streamlined workflow helps speed remittances, reducing days sales outstanding, and accelerating your availability of funds.

  • BBVA e-Lockbox integrates seamlessly with ERP and receivables systems.
  • Advanced Data Scrub identifies incorrect payer information, so all you need to do is review and repair exception items online. 
  • Corrections automatically apply to future billing cycles, which means you’ll see fewer occurrences over time.

BBVA e-Lockbox Benefits

Optimized operations

Eliminate paper checks and remittances, while reducing manual exception processing.

Fewer exceptions

Advanced functionality allows you to fix exceptions online.

Seamless integration

Our systems integrate easily with your existing receivables, putting your solution to work immediately. 

Better management

With smarter cash forecasting, you get quicker access to funds to better support your working capital goals. 

BBVA e-Lockbox

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