ACH Debit Origination/Cash Concentration


Automate your processes, concentrate on what matters

Our ACH debit origination services ensure that you receive accurate and timely payments from your customers, resulting in improved credit management and accurate cash flow forecast. The process is quick and straightforward, generating the time savings you need when operating at the speed of business today:

  • Your customers choose to have recurring payments debited from their accounts
  • You then generate an electronic file and simply transmit to BBVA for processing
  • BBVA automatically settles funds deposited right into your BBVA account.

Our Cash Concentration services make it simple to transfer funds electronically between accounts, even if they are from different financial institutions. Plus, you can consolidate funds across multiple banks to maximize investment opportunities and minimize interest charges from loans.

ACH Debit Origination/Cash Concentration Benefits

 Credit management

Get payments from your customers on time to help you better manage your credit.

 Streamlined processes

Automated processing saves time and lowers your costs, eliminating mailed invoices and checks.

 Fund consolidation

Maximize investment opportunities by consolidating funds across multiple accounts.

 Cash flow

Forecast your cash flow more accurately and make better strategic decisions.

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