Payment Fraud Prevention


Keep in the know and out of the red

With so much concern these days about identity theft and fraud, closely monitoring your financial accounts is your best defense in detecting unusual account activity faster. With account alerts from BBVA, it’s easier than ever to do. They’re simple to activate and are a first step in staying ahead of potential fraud.

We also make every effort to protect the information you provide to us for online access to accounts or services. We use the most sophisticated technologies available along with human oversight to ensure all electronic, physical, and procedural safeguards are enforced. We use encryption to ensure all of your information remains confidential, including your name, address, telephone, fax, and account numbers.

Benefits of Payment Fraud Protection


Real-time communication

Alert notifications make staying on top of your account activity easier.

Technology enablement

We always implement the latest updates and upgrades to keep ahead of any threats.

Trusted guarantee

Our track record of building long-standing relationships reinforces our commitment to privacy and mutual success.

Tips for Preventing Payments Fraud

Learn more about how you can defend your organization.


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Fraud Awareness and Prevention Checklist

Institute fraud prevention and risk management controls.


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BBVA Real Time ARP

Streamline the account reconciliation process with BBVA's Real Time ARP.


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