File Transfer Services


Find success in your dedicated digital space 

Reliable and convenient, BBVA File Transfer Services lets you send and receive files to and from the bank securely. Transmit ACH and positive pay files for processing, and download lockbox deposit, account reconciliation, and EDI reports, as well as ACH returns and change notifications.

Our services work with various SSL or SSH-based file transmission software and digital certificates. Plus, you have access to a dedicated directory, where you can pick up and exchange files at your convenience while receiving automatic file receipt confirmations.

Benefits of File Transfer Services


Automated efficiency

Improve essential processes by automating them with our digital tools.


Send and receive electronic files to and from your bank securely.

Easy to configure

Works with your existing Internet Service Provider and numerous file transmission software programs. 

Secure access

Ensure the security of all transmissions with authenticated access through a client certificate or key.

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