EDI Information Reporting


Read and understand reports more easily than ever

EDI Information Reporting makes receiving ACH items with addenda (supplemental data such as remittance advice) not only easy, but also insightful. Make critical and timely decisions when you receive all payment information for a given date in one report or file. And with a feature that converts data from NACHA format, you’ll have all the information you need to post payments to receivables. 

Our services can convert ACH payments, including CCD+, CIE+, CTX and PPD+ payment information formats into reports.

Benefits of EDI Information Reporting


Simpler reporting

Get all your payment information in one report or file for any given date. 

Smarter decisions

Make critical decisions more quickly when you receive ACH items with addenda.

Cash flow

Access information electronically to see your cash position and update accounts receivable automatically.

Easy conversion

Convert ACH transaction data into insightful, actionable reports or NACHA-formatted files.

EDI Information Reporting

Learn more about how EDI Information Reporting gives you the data you need to update your payables and receivables efficiently and accurately.

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