BBVA Real Time Positive Pay


Know your payment fraud protection is working

With BBVA Real Time Positive Pay, your account activity is secure and you’ll have control over every transaction. We verify checks and electronic transactions when they are presented for payment, and you receive real-time information about exceptions. That’s something you won’t find elsewhere.

You can distribute checks as quickly as 30 minutes after your issue files are uploaded. You then have an extended window of up to 34 hours to make exception decisions.

We can help you:

  • Protect your organization from check fraud with Regular Positive Pay, Reverse Positive Pay, Payee Positive Pay, and Deposit Positive Pay
  • Manage ACH transactions that post to your account with ACH Positive Pay 

BBVA Real Time Positive Pay Benefits


Get alerts about exceptions, business rules, approaching decision deadlines, and more.

Peace of mind

Find the protection you’ve been looking for with our trusted, service-driven approach.

Real time

View the up-to-date status of every transaction for a 360-degree banking experience.

Cash flow

Keep things moving at the speed of business with streamlined processes that never compromise security.

Real Time Positive Pay

Learn more about how to give your business an extra layer of fraud protection with Real Time Positive Pay.

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BBVA Real Time ARP

Streamline with account reconciliation process with BBVA's Real Time ARP.


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