Smart and safe cash management

DeposiCash is a service that combines the security of an in-store "smart" safe with the ability to receive bank credit for cash deposits before the deposits leave your location.



DeposiCash creates a closed-loop cash management service that includes safes, transportation, deposit processing and credit that significantly reduces the time and risk of handling cash.

Cost Effective

DeposiCash enables you to maximize use of funds by receiving deposit credit same day or next day rather than having cash sit idle between bank runs. Cash handling can be faster, more accurate, verifiable - even insured - with little or no labor expense involved.


Online visibility allows you to view daily cash levels from remote locations including cash position reports that cover multiple locations. Receive audit trail reports showing details of every user and every drop which helps reduce employee theft because the system has verifiable proof showing who's responsible for how much currency at what time.

Details you need to make a smart decision

All accounts and credit are subject to approval including credit approval.