Blue Streak Deposit®


The fastest way to make in-branch business deposits

Blue Streak Deposit makes depositing cash and checks at your local branch fast, easy, and secure. Blue Streak Deposit leverages post verification in order for you to spend less time at a branch and more time at your business.


To help keep deposits safe, we offer a two-part tamper-evident plastic security deposit bag that makes it possible for you to separate cash from checks. Each of your deposits is systematically tracked from delivery at the branch through final verification to ensure greater deposit security and a clear audit trail with a documented chain of custody.

Cost Effective

Because of the efficiencies of post-verification, Blue Streak Deposit costs significantly less than having your deposits immediately verified at a branch. Checks are processed at the time of deposit, and cash is set aside for post-verification.


Your Blue Streak Deposit is made in a specially-designed, tamper-evident, two-pocket deposit bag that allows you to separate currency and coins from checks for faster processing. Deposit trips can be made on your schedule, with fast over-the-counter service during branch hours or through our night drop anytime at all. Blue Streak Deposit makes it easier to manage your time more productively, by spending less time in branch and more time focused on your business.

Details you need to make a smart decision

All accounts and credit are subject to approval including credit approval.