Spend Net Invoicing 


Save time with automated invoice processing

Spend Net Invoicing is a payables lockbox solution that automates your invoice workflow and approval process. It combines image technology and a business rules engine to create efficiencies by replacing manual time-consuming processes. Plus, it provides greater visibility into your accounts payable process allowing you to optimize working capital and support auditing requirements.


  • Automates invoice processing and matching to dramatically cut time and costs
  • Reduces bottlenecks through the use of automated workflows and permissions that adhere to your company’s unique policies and practices
  • Supports auditing requirements with Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliant processing
  • Eliminates expensive, time-consuming manual data entry so employees can focus on other business-critical activities
  • Adopts best practices to streamline payment workflows
  • Utilizes your defined business rules, user roles, and access rights, including company-defined workflow rules for different types of invoices
  • Converts all invoices into electronic images and data that can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smart phone, at any time, by anyone who is authorized
  • Supports three-way matching through the ability to import purchase order information
  • Extends the automation of the accounts payable cycle through the export of approved invoices to your payments process

Do you want to maximize your staff resources and lower your costs while maintaining strong controls? We specialize in helping companies optimize their working capital management cycles. Let us assess your company’s unique needs and design a solution to help you create a more efficient payment process.

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All accounts and credit are subject to approval including credit approval.